Our Clients

  • Kildare Local Economic Office

  • South Western Regional Drugs Task Force (SWRDTF)

  • Value Added Africa

  • The Other Foundation

  • Primedia Unlimited Malls

  • Volvo South Africa


Meru Herbs Kenya - Socio-economic impact assessment

Client: Value Added Africa

GeoScope Europe conducted an impact study to identify the main socio-economic impacts of the Meru Herbs factory on the surrounding communities. The factory is located about 220km north east of Nairobi in a semi-arid rural area. 

Conduct a national attitudinal survey in Malawi

Client: The Other Foundation

GeoScope Europe is assisting The Other Foundation to implement a nationally representative survey of the general population in Malawi looking at attitudes, understanding and experiences of sexual orientation and gender identity. We are assisting by providing regional location maps as well as fieldwork survey maps for the drawn Enumeration Area sample.

Accessibility Modelling & Catchment Area Analysis of Shopping Malls in South Africa

Client: Primedia Unlimited Malls

The primary and secondary catchment areas of 69 shopping malls across South Africa were developed using accessibility modelling. A number of geospatial datasets were integrated and data for the catchment areas extracted.

Accessibility Modelling & Catchment Area Analysis for Volvo Passenger Vehicle Dealerships in South Africa

Client: Volvo South Africa

The identification of possible new dealership locations across the whole of South Africa, the relocation or consolidation of existing dealerships.

Updating of Daimler Truck and Bus Dealership Trade Areas in South Africa

Client: Daimler South Africa

The updating of the Daimler truck and bus dealership networks and trade areas

across the whole of South Africa.

Latest Crime Statistics at Police Station Area Level -  South Africa

Client: AfricaScope

The updating of crime statistics at police station area for South Africa. Calculated the year-on-year trends, long term trends, crime rates and location quotients for each crime category at police station level. 

Profiling of Current and Potential Restaurant Sites

Client: McDonalds South Africa

Using a network based approach the trade areas of proposed sites were defined, using both capacity and travel times. Data for predefined indicators were extracted for the trade areas and standardised maps, tables and charts were produced. A comprehensive report containing detailed profiles for each trade area was created.

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