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Innovative Geospatial Methods to Optimally Locate Retail and Government Sites

WEBINAR: Invitation

Thursday 29 October 2020 @ 11h00 - 12h00 (SA Time)

Bruce McCormack and Johann Fenske from GeoScope Europe will take a deep dive into the use of innovative geospatial methods and the vital role it plays in strategic decision-making.

Many organisations in both the public and private sectors make decisions where to locate new facilities/services or to reposition current facilities in more optimal locations. Innovative geospatial methods can play a vital part in this decision-making process.

The main focus of the presentation will be on three case studies used to optimize government services and retail outlets - two in Ireland and one in South Africa.

The first Irish case study done for the Drug and Alcohol Task Force was to identify the optimum location of a drug and alcohol treatment centre within a particular county. A multi-level transport network was used to identify optimum locations for the centre. The study also involved evaluating the suitability of a proposed treatment facility location that the Irish health service had previously identified, and to define the catchment for the proposed facility.

The second Irish case study involved the use of tessellations and the integration of building point data from GeoDirectory to define the current demand, and the identification of possible locations for new corner stores within a county.

In both Irish case studies, key data input was provided by GeoDirectory, a database which contains about 2.2 million address points. A brief outline of the database will be made in the presentation by Dara Keogh.

The South African case study will highlight the work undertaken to identify new potential motor dealerships across the whole country, taking into account the location of existing and competitor dealerships.

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